Huhn's Strawberry Farm

Huhn's Strawberry Farm has been selling pick-your-own berries since 2000. We have a small but expanding planting of delicious strawberries which usually come in early June thru early July. We are a family business owned and operated by Christy and Geoff Huhn. Christy is the voice and the face behind the sales counter. Geoff is the head farmer who does the main work in the field and plans the care of the plants. We at Huhn's help pickers learn which berries are the sweetest and where to best find them in the field. At Huhn's Strawberry Farm, we try to provide the public with a top quality product and an enjoyable picking experience. We accept cash,checks,credit and debit cards.


For recipesGo Here and find delicious strawberry drinks and dishes to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Hours of Operations

Daily from 7:30 til dark.